Data-driven analytics to support your healthcare decisions

What’s driving your health plan spend? How does it compare nationally? What really works to control your costs?

Our unique analytics system offers a business approach to managing healthcare through continual analysis of risk and chronic disease. We will develop strategic recommendations using interactive health plan modeling calculators. INGROUP Associates uses reporting tools that enable us to uncover the driving factors associated with rising health plan costs. We can quickly determine whether cost-containment programs are working for you and whether or not your plan design modifications are paying off.

Providing in-depth claims analytics, the system is designed to improve our clients’ bottom line by focusing on the health of their employees.

  •        Provide a meaningful analysis of monthly claims experience, complete with graphic illustrations.
  •        Prepare periodic reports detailing plan utilization.
  •        Project expected costs to help set employer and employee contributions.
  •        Evaluate the performance of cost-containment programs and make recommendations based on our findings.
  •         Integrated wellness and claims data to deliver a detailed analysis designed to improve the health of individuals and measure a wellness program’s return on investment.
  •        Assist in establishing appropriate claim reserves.
  •        Prepare an annual report analyzing experience, expenses and plan modifications.
  •        Evaluate insured and self-funded options.
  •        Challenge all renewal offers after analyzing rate and contract provisions.
  •        Audit and verify claim and utilization figures presented in renewal calculations.
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